5 Reasons a Healthcare Career is a Great Choice

When we hear about a career in healthcare, we often visualize scrubs and lab coats. Traditional roles such as nurses, physicians, or therapists are the first to come to mind. While these are critical roles, opportunities in healthcare are varied. These opportunities provide meaningful work and wonderful opportunities for clinicians and non-clinicians alike.

You have likely heard the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child”. Healthcare facilities are most certainly a village. Many people in a multitude of roles work in conjunction for the success of patients.

What makes a career in healthcare a smart choice? Here are five things to consider:

1. Working in healthcare is meaningful work. 

Whether you work at the bedside, in a non-clinical position, or work to hire staff, you have the opportunity to impact patients. Clinical staff have the most face time with patients, but the focus of the entire healthcare organization is on the patient.

Health issues can arise for anyone, at any time, with or without warning. When people are ill, and their future is uncertain, caring people make the difference. That responsibility falls on the entire staff to create a positive healthcare experience.  Few careers allow you to impact others in a positive way on a daily basis.

2. Working in healthcare is challenging and full of variety.

No two days are ever the same. Success in healthcare requires you to stay educated. Technological advancements, treatment methodologies, regulations, patient expectations, and recruitment trends constantly change.  There are almost limitless opportunities to learn and grow.

Healthcare is an industry that recognizes and values learning. Most successful healthcare companies invest in their employees’ education. This may be through tuition reimbursement, assistance for specialty certifications, or other forms of continuing education.

3. Healthcare workers have lots of opportunity. 

Currently, the demand for healthcare workers is greater than the supply. Projections suggest that will remain for the foreseeable future.  Healthcare facilities have to manage this demand.

Forward-thinking organizations invest in developing skill sets, providing for higher education opportunities, and working to retain, grow, promote and value staff. Growth pathways exist for all levels of staff not only those in select roles.

Additionally, the healthcare industry accounts for approximately 18% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Healthcare represents almost one-fifth of the goods & services provided in the U.S. during one year. As you would expect, an industry that large produces a great amount of employment opportunities.

4. Healthcare workers have flexibility. 

Most healthcare employers offer multiple ways to work.

Because of the strong need described above, employers must allow employees to work in many different capacities. Most companies offer full and part-time work, or the option to work on a per diem, or as-needed basis.

Are you interested in travel? There is a substantial need for clinical staff to fill areas of temporary need. Nurses, therapists, and other clinical staff can work in travel positions throughout the country. These positions may be short or long-term assignments.

Work-at-home options often exist for positions that don’t involve patient care. Options for working in a capacity that best meets your need are more plentiful in healthcare than in many other industries.

5. Healthcare can be financially rewarding.  

Most who go into healthcare do so to make a difference. But we also work for a living. We have rent to pay, groceries to buy, and various other bills. Healthcare workers are in demand and the market responds by paying a living wage.

As a healthcare worker’s skills and expertise grow, so does their earning potential. Opportunities for upward mobility also mean earning potential increases. Many senior leaders within a healthcare organization began as a caregiver.

Make a smart choice for your future and explore a healthcare career today!