World Kidney Day is celebrated on March 12th.

World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day is celebrated on March 12th. Our kidneys are vital organs that play a key role in keeping us healthy. But what exactly do our kidneys do and how we keep our kidneys functioning properly?

Physical Therapy for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Physical Therapy for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction is a common condition, affecting about 25% of women age 20 and over. Physical therapy can help address its symptoms.

What is sepsis?

What is Sepsis?

Sepsis is the body’s extreme response to infection — and a life-threatening medical emergency. As such, preventing infections that can lead to sepsis is a critical task in any hospital.

Are vaccines only for children?

Are Vaccines Only for Kids?

Vaccines protect people of all ages from disease. But adults often neglect to immunize themselves, putting themselves at risk of serious illness.

Couple Picks Out Heart Healthy Foods

Every Step Counts: Tips for Beginning a Heart-Healthy Diet

When most people hear “heart-healthy diet,” they think they will never be able to eat salt again. Reducing sodium intake is an important part of a heart-healthy diet. But there are other ways to adjust your diet to improve your heart health, too.

Rehabilitation After a Lower Extremity Amputation

If you or a loved one are facing a lower extremity amputation, your physician might recommend rehabilitation. Inpatient rehabilitation hospitals are uniquely positioned for recovery from a lower limb amputation.

Nutrition and Recovery from Brain Injury

With either type of brain injury, it can become difficult, dangerous, or simply impossible, to eat. But, your body (and your brain!) still needs nutrition to survive.

Living with MS - 5 Ways Rehabilitation Can Help

Living with MS: 5 Ways Rehabilitation Can Help

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, rehabilitation is “an essential component of comprehensive MS care.”

Average liquid intake for people with congestive heart failure should be around two liters per day

5 Rules for Managing Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure is an entity that affects many individuals and is related to many different causes. The best way to manage congestive heart failure can be quite simple. Its five simple rules

Addressing Malnutrition in Healthcare

Addressing Malnutrition in Healthcare

Would you run a marathon on an empty stomach? That makes no sense! But, that isn’t far off from what patients in hospitals do every single day across the country.